We developed our bar operations program from running our own events - when it’s our money on the line. It’s no coincidence event producers and promoters are coming to SWARM to help streamline their concession ops and increase sales. The bar is a vital contributor to the bottom line of any event. Whether the bar is the focus or any part of the experience, the same high quality standards must apply to all employees to ensure profitable sales and happy customers. Policies don't make a bar run smoothly—employees who are encouraged and rewarded to follow well-thought out policies do. Swarm, creates and facilitates an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among all staff including management, bartenders and back-of-house.

In 15 years working with other concession companies, our best sales were $135,000. In our first year working with SWARM, they produced $205,000 for the same event. Needless to say, we’ll be working with SWARM from here on out! - Ross Jimenez, Kiwanis of Little Havana, Carnaval on the Mile

Bar Management & Operation Services

Transparent & Audited

At SWARM we offer our partners 100% transparency. This is achieved in real-time with phone based apps for our partners. During an event you can log in and monitor sales in real-time; with an overall view or even drilling down to an individual bartender. The data is at your fingertips 100% of the time.


Professional Staff

Let’s face it, finding temporary help is hard. At SWARM we have an advantage: with over 30 events a year, we offer our bartenders and bar backs constant work. We have deployed over 100 bartenders at one time.  Our roster is filled with familiar faces, energetic personalities and professional ethics.


Tech Advantage

Each and every bartender is equipped with individual point-of-sale (POS) devices. Every bartender can accept cash and credit, plus they are individually responsible for their drawers and inventory. Our POS devices are connected to the internet for instant approvals plus real-time monitoring.