Since 2002, our management team has been involved in each and every aspect of building and executing annual events and festivals including Grovetoberfest, Basel House, Coconut Grove Seafood Festival, and Wynwood Life among many others. In recent years, we've expanded into full-fledged concerts and cultural festivals building our own like MegaRumba Colombia and partnering with top-tier national entertainment groups.

SWARM's core business was built on our own annual events; developing these events from concept to execution and beyond. Make no mistake, we build successful events from the ground up. In addition to having an intimate knowledge of event creation and management, we’ve developed a culture and skill set unique to SWARM. As a byproduct of this experience, we have become experts in certain fields ranging from full beer & liquor concessions, event marketing, permitting, production and logistics.

We’ve all heard the cliché “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well that belief rings true at SWARM. Everyone from management to production and from bar backs to the creative team, loves the event business. We’ve created an environment where event professionals flourish and put in maximum effort to each project not for the money, but for the true love of seeing an event come to fruition. We love what we do.

Event Production

We operate a full event production service from concept to completion, or just engage with clients on individual items within a project. Specializing in event management, logistics, production management and stage management.

Bar Operations

As in dealing with food, there are LOTS of ways to lose money, potentially BIG money at the bar. Spills, waste, overpouring, free drinks, theft and unrecorded sales are just a few of the inherent challenges that are present where ever liquor, beer and wine are served.

Event Logistics

From operational planning through to delivery management, our event logistics team have been involved in some of the most complex major event venue logistics planning and operations providing logistics services.

Sponsorship Management

Making your event the huge success you want it to be may require a sizable budget. A good set of sponsors can reduce the cost and the complexity of a major event while raising their own profile; it’s a win-win.

Venue Scouting

With access to great event venues and experience in curating new and interesting spaces, we can find the perfect venue for your next event. From intimate settings to large scale festivals we can help you find and acquire the perfect location.


With decades of experience and relationships with city officials and permitting departments we can assist in acquiring the special event permits needed to make an event operate legally and within schedules.